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About Arizonas Car Shows

Looking for something to do this weekend? Like car shows? If so, you have come to the right place, Arizona’s Car Shows. You may be thinking, there isn’t even that many car shows in Arizona.

True there isn’t a car show every weekend, you may have to wait a week, but you will find car shows in just about every month of the year. Many months have three or more.

Shows Right Here In Arizona

You will find some smaller shows, but the vast majority include 100’s of vehicles. Some of the shows feature classic cars, others exotic cars, and in select car shows you might even find a new Mustang from a local Arizona Ford Dealership. These are just to name a few of the different types of shows you can find right here in the state of Arizona. Only a driving distance away.

You may be thinking, that’s good and all, I would love to go to a car show this weekend, but the wife and kids aren’t real into cars or vehicles of any sort for that matter. If that is the problem you have, don’t worry, there is usually something there for them too.

What To Expect

Almost all of these shows are family events and have parts that interest the whole family. At every one of these shows you will find plenty of food. With full on BBQ dinners, burgers and hot dogs all day, and plenty of carnival style food, you are not going to go hungry.

You will find many parades; fairs with lots of games, face painting and clowns. Most of the time there are live bands and dances. Rodeos and drag races often go along with shows.

What ever it is you are looking for, are bound to find a show that fits your needs, right here on Arizona’s Car shows. And you might even find some to do this weekend. You can check out our 2015 Arizona Car Shows page to find dates, locations and what you can expect at the show.

Participating Cars

Let’s face it, car shows are just as much for those who want to show off their prized vehicles, as those who want to see them. Hanging out with other car lovers, great food and music, in the minds of many car enthusiasts there is nothing better. Looking to purchase a project vehicle to dress up for the next show? If you have your eyes on a hot new BMW, Chapman BMW on Camelback has an excellent selection to choose from. With a BMW USA and BMW AG awarded customer service and sales team ready to help you get into your lifelong dream car.

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